Hey everyone,

I’m glad everyone is enthusiastic as me about this campaign. I’ve got the skeleton of a plot down, but I’m trying to leave this as sandboxey as possible so you can forge your own way through the lower planes to your way home. If you can all give me a character(s) sketch so I can be a bit more prepared. Also, I was hoping the party could collaborate a bit to connect the backgrounds of the lvl 17 characters, I figure you would all know of/ be friends/enemies/ with the other lvl 17 characters, cuz you are the most powerful mortals in existence. Perhaps if everyone posted their email address in the comments section so we could set up a chain and spread the character ideas around.

Another idea I had:

What better way to have you all be connected to a city then to have you all design it. Its the lvl 17s that would be defending it and it would make sense that as the city grew, the characters would have had some influence on it. Therefore, I say in the emails you all can discuss what you would like to see in your metropolis (name, defenses, culture). Looking forward to your feedback! Let me know if any of this is seeming too out there.


A Hellfire Odyssey

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