Darion Sternbrow

A solemn Warblade whose loyalty wanes with the strength of others.


Darion Sternbrow- Medium Artifice Folk, Chaotic Good; 182 hp, Str 19 (+4) Dex 18 (+4) Con 12 (+1) Int 18 (+4) Wis 10 (+0) Cha 8 (-1); AC 30 (31 when adjacent to an ally), Touch 13 Flat-footed 18; Fort 11, Ref 13 Will 7; Grapple 21

Attacks: • +5 Adamantine Defending Longsword (Blade of the Last Citadel); 30/24/19/14, 1d8+4 damage, 17-20/x2 -+4 to confirm critical hits, +4 to damage rolls against Flat-footed targets, +4 to attack and damage rolls on attacks of opportunity, can add enhancement bonus to AC • +2 Screaming Stunning Longbow; 21/16/11/6, 1d8, x3 -deals an extra 1d4 on a hit, and stuns for 1 round

Armor: • Retaliation Breastplate; +5 AC, +3 max dex, -4 check penalty -deals 1d6 damage to opponent that deals more than 10 damage, deals 3d6 to opponent that drops wearers hp to 0 or lower • Light Steel Shield, Heavy Fortification; +1 AC, -1 check penalty, 100% chance for critical hits and sneak attacks to deal normal damage instead

Maneuvers: Maneuvers known:12; Maneuvers Readied: 6; Stances: 4 Maneuvers •Leading the Attack- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee Make a melee attack. If it hits, your allies gain a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls for 1 round against that creature

•Douse the Flames- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee Make a melee attack. If it hits, deal normal damage, and the target can’t make attacks of opportunity for 1 round.

•Tactical Strike- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee Make a melee attack. If it hits, deal an extra 2d6 damage. In addition, each adjacent ally to the target can take an immetiate 5-foot step that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

•White Raven Strike- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee Make a single melee attack. If it hits, deal an extra 4d6 damage and the target is considered flat-footed until the start of his turn.

•Flanking Maneuver- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee When you and any other allies flank an opponent you designate. Make a melee attack against that creature, an ally also flanking it may make a free attack.

•War Leader’s Charge- White Raven strike Full round action, Melee Charge an opponent. You don’t provoke attacks of opportunities for moving as part of this. If your charge attack hits, it deals an extra 35 damage.

•Swarming Assault- White Raven strike Standard action, Melee Make a single melee attack. If it hits, deal normal damage and any ally who threatens your target can immediately make an attack against him. You choose the order the attacks resolve.

•White Raven Hammer- White Raven strike Standard action, melee Your attack deals an extra 6d6 damage the stuns the target for one round.

•War Master’s Charge- White Raven strike Full round action, Melee Charge an opponent. In addition, all allies within 30 ft of you at the beginning of your turn can also charge this target as an immediate action. You and allied creatures do not block eachother. Your charge attack deals an extra 50 damage, and your allies attacks deal an extra 25 damage. For each ally who charges, counting you, your charge attack and htose of your allies are made with a cumulative +2 bonus (in addition to the normal bonus for charging). An opponent struck by you and at least one other ally is stunned for 1 round. You don’t provoke attacks of opportunity as part of this charge.

•White Raven Tactics- White Raven boost Swift action, 10 ft range Select an ally in range. Their initiative count immediately equals your initiative count -1. They they act on their new count as normal. If they have already acted in the current round, they may act again. Swift action, Personal Opponents hit by attacks after initiating the boost cannot make attacks of oppotunity for 3 rounds. A creature can only be affected by this once an encounter.

•Covering Strike- White Raven boost

•Clarion Call- White Raven boost Swift action, 60 ft If you reduce an opponent to 0 hit points, you may initiate this maneuver. Once initiated, all allies within range can immediately eithe rmake one melee attack at their highest bonus or take a single move action.

Stances: •Tactics of the Wolf- White Raven stance Swift action, Personal When you flank a foe, you and allies who flank the same enemy gain a +9 bonus to damage rolls to that target.

•Swarm Tactics- White Raven stance Swift action, 60 ft range, 60 ft radius emanation centered on you If you are adjacent to one or more opponents, your allies gain a +5 bonus on attack rolls made against any of those opponents.

•Pearl of Black Doubt- Diamond Mind stance Swift action, Personal In this stance, each time an opponent misses you with a melee attack, you gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC. This is cumulative for the round, and lasts until the start of your next turn.

•Leaping Dragon Stance- Tiger Claw stance Swift action, Personal While in this stance, you gain a +10-foot enhancement bonus on Jump checks. In addition, any jumps you make while in this stance are considered running jumps.

Feats: Weapon Focus (longsword), Greater Weapon Focus (longsword), Weapon Specialization (longsword), Greater Weapon Specialization (longsword), Improved Critical (longsword), Clarion Commander, Iron Will, Persuasive, Skillfocus (Bluff)

Skills: Balance 19, Bluff 1, Climb 19, Concentration 19, Intimidate 23, Jump 17, Knowledge (History) 22, Spot 8, Tumble 17

Special Abilities: Battle Clarity, Weapon Aptitude, Uncanny Dodge, Battle Ardor, Battle Cunning, Battle Mastery, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Battle Skill (+4 against bullrush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder and trip attempts)


•Weapon Form

•Fast Legs

•Long Arm

•Locking Hand

Magic Items:

• +4 Retaliation Breastplate (see above) 4,200 gp

• Light Steel Shield of Heavy Fortification (see above) 25,000 gp

• +2 Screaming Stunning Longbow (see above) 2,075 gp

• Blade of the Last Citadel (see above; also, use Leading the Attack 5/day with a +1 to the first attack, cast Prayer, Remove Fear and Cure Critical Wounds 58,000 gp

• Boots of the Battle Charger ( charging is a standard action, not full round) 2,000 gp

• Cloak of Battle (+4 to AC, 3/day can become an Iron Quarterstaff with a +1/+1 attack bonus, or can be used to disarm an opponent with a +4 bonus, and the item or weapon is tossed 10 feet away) 22,000 gp

• Belt of Giant Strength (+6 to Strength) 36,000 gp

• Impervious Vestament (+4 AC, and can create a Blade Barrier ((25 ft high, 95 ft diameter)) ) 34,000 gp

• Ring of Nine Lives (when dropped to 0 hp instantly restore 20 hit points, 9 charges) 55,000 gp

• Bracers of Armor (+7 AC) 49,000

• Amulet of Second Chances (redo last turn) 40,000 gp

• Bag of Boulders ( 3 charges, 3/day 30 ft range; 1 charge deals 2d6, 2 charges deal 3d6, 3 charges deal 4d6 bludgeoning damage 1,400 gp

• Potion, Haste x10 7,500 gp

• Potion, Cure Serious Wounds x10 7,500 gp

• Potion, Cure Moderate Wounds x 13 3,900 gp

• Potion, Magic Circle against Evil x5 3,750 gp

• Potion, Fly x 10 7,500 gp

• Potion, Neutralize Poison x5 3,750 gp


” The fundamental nature of humans is evil. Every paladin, every noble king, every hard working farmer has within them a seed of darkness. A black stain upon their very soul that inspires and nurtures thoughts of greed and selfishness. Some hide it from the world, some flaunt it. Even in this fair city, where we are not troubled by disease and rampant crime, I know what stirs in their hearts. You may ask why I continue my task of caring about these people, why I still use every ounce of my tactical knowledge to defend them. It is because within these walls are children, elderly and women who cannot defend themselves. Were this a city of warriors I would find little reason to stay, yet stay I must to help those who cannot help themselves. This is why I stay.”

Darion Sternbrow came to the military green as grass. As a member of the long forgotten race of Artifice Folk, it took some time for his fellows to get used to his pale white body lined with silver veins of quicksilver and pure white orbs for eyes, but they learned to accept his differences and value his ability to change his limbs to weapons. He wasn’t overly powerful with his blade, but the boy had a mind keener than any blade forged. Tactics and maneuvers came as easily as swinging a sword, and he quickly found himself looked to as a leader by his peers. It was not uncommon to see the young man commanding troops that technically outranked him, because where his men moved, the tide of battle went with him. He gained a reputation of being kind off the battle field, but on it he was a strict commander that barked orders left and right. Only two years after joining military, studying the team oriented tactics of the White Raven discipline, that Darion was sent on a mission of great importance. A legendary sword had been stolen by a terrible horde of flesh eating barbarians that were wiping clean the land they traversed, and it was Darion’s job to find them, take them out, and retrieve the blade.

Taking with him a only a minimal force, Darion led his men to a distant land. There, they followed intelligence given to them to a camp hidden deep behind dark mountains. Darion marched his men boldly into the camp. The men encamped there wore bits and pieces of mismatched armor, obviously taken from fallen victims. It was not just the armor the warriors had taken either. Skins hung like banners, bodies hung on stakes driven in the ground. All over the ground, half eaten remains of humans whose age Darion dared not try to guess gave off a stench that caused even his hardiest man to go green in the face. A large beast of a man, likely with some kind of ogre or troll in his family tree, stalked forward out of a tent likely made from stitched together flesh. His black armor that hid his whole body was covered with dried gore, and on spikes on the plates were punctured the eyes of many fallen. He stalked up to Darion, easily two heads taller. “My name is Shalgor, the Man Eater. Who are you, little man, that you come into my camp unannounced and with such a pitiful show of force?” His voice sounded like it had been run through a meat grinder-twice. ” I am Darion Sternbrow, and I come for the blade that you stole, and for your head on a spear. This is my mission.” Shalgor neither scoffed, nor laughed, but turned his back on Darion and returned to his tent. He emerged with a longsword, with a pure white handle. But that was not what made Darion stare shocked. The sword seemed to be weeping blood. Only one blade was known to do that, and only when defiled with the blood of the innocent. Drawing his sword, he pointed it at the Man Eater, even as the enemy began to charge them from all sides. ” The Blade of the Last Citadel is not your right, evil one. Men, charge!”

His tactics were flawless. Making short work of the undisciplined marauders, he approached the beaten Shalgor, wrested the Blade from his hand and relieved his shoulders of his head. As the head fell, the blood seeping from the Blade ceased. Saying not a word, Darion led his remaining force home. Upon their arrival, he was met by his commanding officer, and a man in pure white armor. He recognized the man’s regalia as a high ranking follower of the White Raven way. Darion knelt and presented the Blade to the man, but he pushed it back. “Keep it Darion Sternbrow. The Blade of the Last Citadel now belongs to you. In your hands, we know it can only do the good it is meant to do.” His commander placed his hand on his shoulder. “Darion, your skills are beyond your years, and it is with great pride that we offer to you the position of General. Welcome General Dar-” Darion stood suddenly and dropped his sword at the feet of the officer. Buckling on the Blade of the Last Citadel, he lowered his head. ” Forgive me, sir. I have seen things that have changed my view of men. There are enough people here to defend themselves. I care not what difference I could make.” With that, he quickly left his home. None saw him again.

It is rumored in the city he resides in now that the imposing figure that stands in the Tower of Tegara, Goddess of Chaos and War, scanning the lands at all times, doesn’t truly care about them. That the outwardly kind man, who commands troops with firm efficientcy and the legendary Blade of the Last Citadel at his side, stays only as long as the general populace remains weak and peaceful. Should the people ever prove themselves warlike or aggressive, he might abandon them all. Sometimes, rumors are steeped in more truth then they know.

Darion Sternbrow

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