First Age

The first age began with the writing of The Pact Primeval.

The first age has been recorded as a time of great chaos. Eden was a lab for the gods to test out creation. Entire races were given life and subsequently snuffed out due to wars, competition, or flawed design. Magic was also unpredictable. However unstable the first age was, it was also robust: goblins sported the strength of ogres, elves moved faster than the eye, and magic was capable of deeds that mages in the second age dream of. It was out of this roiling turmoil, that Adam gathered together his fellow humans, and forged a civilization. His community was a beacon of light amongst the darkness, and his ingenuity pleased the gods. The gods took favor on Adam and blessed him with soldiers as trustworthy as him, Artificefolk. With these loyal, never-tiring soldiers, Adam was able to carve out a city for his people. He named his city Zion, and invited the gods to walk its paths, wash in its falls, and bless its people.

Jealous of the gifts granted by the gods, Adam’s brother, Taxa led an exodus of like-minded humans east where they could be free of the gods watch and control.

These are the events of the First Age.

First Age

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